[Wolves] To all LUGgers.....

fizzy fizzyorguk at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 24 11:45:06 GMT 2005

I'd be interested to hear which Linux Distros
[ This seems to have broadened to all Unices ]
you use and how do you rank yourself?

(Expert, Show-off, amateur, beginner, or nerdy)
Go on.....  I'll start meself.....

1.  Tim  - will install Mandrake 10.1 - Beginner.

2.  sparkes - Debian / Ubuntu / OpenBSD / LFS /
myown ;-) - been round the block

3.  Ron - Gentoo / Ubuntu / SuSE - knew the block when
it was a field.

4.  Ade - Fedora / Ubuntu / Suse - erm, Bald [ we
 need locking! ]
5.  Woo - Minix, Linux-FT, Red Hat, Fedora
(current), OpenBSD & Ubuntu(looking likely) Good at
installations. Early stage of conversion from VMS
to *x. Love the concepts & the Linux community; hate
 the syntax.

6.  Pete C Fedora / Suse / White box (under
VMware)/and hopefully will take posession of Debian on
DVD, tomorrow, £32.15 inc postage and packaging.

7.  Simonb: Fedora 3/ ubuntu/ own linux as well as
freeBSD, IRIX, HP-UX. Brought into it 9yrs ago, got
voluntary position setting up HP-UX machines when in>
yr10 of secondary school and compiled my first kernel
in the days of the 2.2 kernel.

8.  James - Fedora / Red Hat / ARMLinux (although
not very much the latter) - Not as experienced as Ron 

9.  Baza - Ubuntu Linux geeky amateur
10. Adam - Debian / Ubuntu. Skills are middling, I'm
very capable but there are a number of gaping holes.
Not as experienced as James

11. Helen - Mandrake / Ubuntu (sort of) - very amateur

12. Mo SuSE-beginner-intermediate

13. Kevan - SuSE 9.2/Madrake 10.1 (very little used
though) +I am ashamed to admit Win 2000 on the family
PC.  I would calss myself as intermediate now
as I've been around the block and learned very
little.  I have had Corel Linux up and running in the
past and been a beta tester for Xandros.  I just
love to use Linux :-)

14. Rob - SuSE 9.2 - experience: absolute beginner
but at least capable of tidying up long mail threads

15. David - Ubuntu / Sarge. Experience: Capable of
nearly anything, but lacking any C programming skills.
 Started with RedHat 5.[02]{1} then moved
to Slackware in 97/98. Dabbled once with some *BSDs,
didn't think much of them. Part time Solaris9 admin a
few years ago.

16. Gary - SuSE 9.2 - Stared with suse 6.2 and tried
a few other distro's over the years, but I always
prefered SuSE. I'm no expert, but I can get by
with the help of google and this group. 

17. Fizz - Gentoo (debian, SuSE, *BSD) - Messed around
with various linux/unix distros for about seven years,
never found a perfect distro and always found linux a
lot of hard work compared with 'other operating
systems ;)' on the desktop. Know my way around but
wouldn't claim to be an expert.

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