[Wolves] Real audio stream ripper

Adam Sweet drinky76 at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 26 14:55:34 GMT 2005

 --- MatthewRevell.3247378 at bloglines.com wrote: 

> I know they say only Real can handle
> their traffic but I want downloads, not streams :)

In a worst case, there is a Linux version of Real
Player at http://www.real.com/linux/ but I can
understand your unhappiness with having to use it. I
include it here just in case you find no other way or
playing the things.

My main point: Perhaps you could write up how you got
on for other people to use? This is obviously a thing
that other people are going to come across and there
seems to be no definitive answer in a "You need to do
this, this and this" kind of way.




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