[Wolves] Linux in schools

Mark Ellse me at chaseacademy.com
Sun Jan 30 22:31:39 GMT 2005


I am very happy to give any help/advice, and even visit the school. But 
remember that school licences for Windows are not very expensive. It 
might be worth trying to slip into Open Source via OpenOffice, and a 
linux server.

Remember that the school will have a few bits of 'educational software' 
using Windows.

Again, happy to help in any way I can.


Andy Wootton wrote:
> My fine employers have launched a corporate responsibility programme. My 
> manager has decided to support a junior school near work in Coventry. It 
> has a good record of achievement but poor parental support. He wants to 
> help by getting their network under control and then moving them from 
> their existing Win 95 machines to XP.
> Needless to say, I've suggested an alternative strategy that could free 
> up some money from licensing budgets for better use. Either way I've 
> offered to help with the networking. If my offer is accepted I will be 
> paid to do this during working hours so it is difficult to see a reason 
> not to help.
> If we go the Linux route in any way (LEAs can make it very difficult for 
> a school to move away from the flock), I intend to steal as many of 
> Ron's good ideas from Chase Academy as possible and use moral blackmail 
> to get everyone else to help me out of the holes I will inevitably dig 
> for myself. You have been warned.
> I know Jono has expressed an interest in this area. Is this Open 
> Advantage territory? I'm looking for information resources and ways of 
> sharing experiences with others doing the same. I'm sure that anything 
> we achieve could be shared wider than one school.
> I've found:
> Becta ICT advice - Using Open Source software
> http://www.ictadvice.org.uk/index.php?section=te&catcode=as_sof_02&country=eng&rid=1858 
> Linux For Schools Project
> http://www.lfsp.org/
> Linux in Schools
> http://www.linuxinschools.org/ (including the K12 Linux Terminal Server 
> Project and LTSP.org)
> and several LUGs have pages, though not Wolves - is this one for the Wiki?
> Does anyone have any other suggestions because frankly that is quite 
> pathetic?
> Thanks,
> Woo
> p.s. I've just remembered that there are some schools Usenet newsgroups 
> too.
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