[Wolves] Apologies (for real) and Thanks

David Goodwin dg at clocksoft.com
Fri Jul 8 11:11:29 BST 2005

> Thanks especially to David 'Googlemeister' Goodwin.  If your work is anything 
> at all like mine (and God help you if it is) then you're drawn to helping 
> people that have nothing at all to do with your current job, simply because 
> of the warm fuzzy feeling that actually doing something positive brings.  

I'd like to think that. It could on the other hand be a work avoidance 
tactic (summer's almost back, it's friday, I don't have anything really 
interesting to do etc etc)

> Instead of completing the endless rounds of 'progress' reports that PM's 
> demand every week.  Or is that just me?

:) I can't comment on this, else Kat will kill me.


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