[Wolves] Stupid bloody ALi chipset bloody woes

Old Dan djones9960 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 2 13:48:25 BST 2005

Hi all

I've recently upgraded my machine to an Athlon 64 3500+ w/ 2Gb RAM
running on an ALi chipset.  I want to run this as a purely-Linux games
machine (running Doom 3, Q3A et al).

So I downloaded Ubuntu Hoary 64-bit which installed fine - all well
and good.  I've had to manually patch/recompile the kernel to get the
inbuilt network card working using the download from the ULi site, but
that was understandable given that in the readme file it says 'do not
disassemble or reverse-engineer this file or else we'll imale you on a
big spike' (or words to that effect) in spite of the fact there is
nothing to disassemble as it is a .c file, but I digress...

Anyhoo, everything is working except the graphics.  DRI just will not
enable however much I bash it over the head with a mallet (I'm running
Kernel 2.6.12-rc5) and neither will the 3D function of the proprietary
ATI drivers work.  Using software (Mesa) GLX I get about 250fps with
glxgears and the performance of tuxracer is abysmal.  I've been trying
for about a week (on and off) now to get this thing up and running but
I'm having no luck.  Apparently agpgart/x86_agp have been patched in
the kernel I have to accommodate the M1689 chipset but upon grepping
dmesg for agp I found that the agp bridge thingie is recognised as a
bridge but not identified as M1689 (or anything else for that matter)
by agpgart.

Anyone got any ideas how to get this working?  I'm tearing my hair out.


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