[Wolves] fuckin linux format

Andrew Lewis andrew at monkeysailor.co.uk
Fri Jun 3 19:51:21 BST 2005

I've had a bad day too, and I've had several minor liux related issues, 
which I dealt with by google/rtfm/rtfa. Several customers were rude to 
me without cause, and some employees hadn't done what I asked of them. 
The reason I'm telling you this is to illustrate that random venting is 
not a productive or interesting use of the forum.

Normally, I wouldn't bother about the topics under discussion too much, 
or about bad language used when someone is posting something useful or 
interesting.  What irritates me is the unnecessary use of expletives in 
both the header and text of a message which serves no purpose other than 
to stop the vein popping out at the side of your head...

I've been buying LF and other mags for a while now, and I generally 
check to see if the disk in the box when I get to the counter. If it 
isn't, I ask for one and wait while the counter staff find one for me. I 
don't go on and rant on the nearest mailing list or find the nearest 
convenient clock tower to setup my high powered german rifle.

Would you have phoned Intel or Microsoft if it was a PC format mag? 
Would you have complained on apple forums if it had been an Apple 
related magazine?

So go and lie in a dark room for a while, listen to relaxing music and 
then go and get your disk.


Baza wrote:

> On 3 Jun 2005, at 17:09, roundyz wrote:
>> Just got my copy of LF Julys edition and im well pissed off. First  i 
>> can't get
>> the dvd off the cover with out ripping huge white stripes into it.  
>> then there
>> is no disc in the case. I mean you pay £6.50 for a mag that helps the
>> awarness of the linux within the comunity and this happens, makes  me 
>> not
>> wanna buy it agian (allthough i proberbly will...).
>> Fuck LF and fuck WH SMiths!!
>> _
> Take it back and demand a disk!
> Baza
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