Me Bobby is sticking with LINUX its a fwd e-mail Re: [Wolves] Read This - Re: Goodbye

Bobby Singh bs_wm at
Mon Jun 13 20:59:12 BST 2005


I just thought this e-mail in the kubuntu usergroups
was a bit different from normal.  The hassle of ms can
cause a lot of bother.  For low level users even the
unstable linux has basic working apps.  But of course
linux has the potential to send you crazy, however it
is a part of the OS unlike ms which can cause the
whole thing to crash.



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> Bobby Singh wrote:
> (Repeated here because I almost missed it in the
> subject line - Woo)
> "Me, Bobby is sticking with LINUX. It's a fwd e-mail
> Re: [Wolves] 
> Read    This - Re: Goodbye"
> I'm guessing you have some sympathy with the views
> expressed though. Do 
> you think the main problem is that the advantages of
> Linux of over-sold 
> or that it doesn't work?
> I have never been in the evangelical wing of the
> Linux community. I 
> started a row recently by trying to say that I don't
> think it suits 
> everyone. I think I gave the impression I was
> proposing academic 
> elitism. I wasn't.
> I think Linux is like a power-tool. In the right
> hands and with plenty 
> of practice it can produce beautifully crafted
> custom-built furniture 
> but many people would just damage themselves trying
> to use it without 
> instruction. Linux is for people who are willing to
> go to woodwork 
> classes and build a few wobbly tables in their
> pursuit of excellence. 
> The others would be better off buying a flat-pack
> kit in the full 
> knowledge that it will fall apart after a few months
> and need to be 
> replaced.
> Woo
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