[Wolves] DHCP

David Goodwin dg at clocksoft.com
Sat Jun 18 18:53:46 BST 2005

> Theres obviously a bit more to it than just hooking up a network cable and 
> logging on to the network, about the only thing I can do at the moment is use 
> the NFS share I set up. I've not tried SSH etc, etc.

Hello Mr Turpin,

You'll need to do something like :

1) Set your "server" up with a masquerading/NAT firewall.
(I assume you have a single public IP on your dial up connection, or
what ever it is, and have a private network within your house)

2) Configure DHCP to send out a router setting, set to the IP address of
your server

3) Configure DHCP to send a name server setting, this should probably be
your ISPs DNS server (the simplest approach)

3a) You'll know if the DHCP server is setup correctly as when a client
gets an IP address (e.g. just after boot up), /etc/resolv.conf will have 
entries, route -vn will show your gateway machine, and /sbin/ifconfig will 
show that the client has an IP address etc etc.

4) From the client PC, try to access something like google.com (E.g.
ping google.com)

5) Profit!

If you _really_ need a script which does the iptables NAT/Masquerading
stuff, let me know. I strongly suspect that SuSE may have an inbuilt
config panel thing for it, or SuSE has one of the many firewall
generation tools (e.g. FireStarter) bundled in.

Have fun,


David Goodwin
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