[Wolves] simple network question please

Dick Turpin highwayman.turpin at gmail.com
Sat Jun 25 17:44:44 BST 2005

On Saturday 25 June 2005 15:57, Bobby Singh wrote:

> I remember a thing on the user-group about few months
> ago which i contributed to.  I don't know about your
> set-up, reply with details.  However here is something
> you may alreday know anyway:
> - From your ISP get all network details.
> - Connect the router-up and acccess the router through
> a web-browser.
> - Then on the setting just enter your details and
> thats it.
> Not sure about a cat5 network. Like i said reply with
> details.

Hi Bobby

I don't have a router, just my;

Laptop (Fedora) --->10/100 HUB -->PC/Server (Suse)-->Ext Modem.

I have enabled the router service on the Suse box.

I can connect to the Suse box, I can ping and mount my NFS share from the Suse 
box on my Fedora Laptop.

I have the Suse Manuals, Fedora Manuals and printed off reams from the 
Internet. I have asked one or two people (Thanks by the way) but still cannot 
get the laptop to access the internet via the Suse box.

At work using the same eth0 DHCP I get instant access (Windows 2003 Server).

I have put the correct gateway in I've set masquerading up but still nothing.

My ISP is Freeserve the IP stuff is set dynamically from freeserves server I 
don't fancy sticking those settings in manually somewhere as this may kill my 
Internet for the Suse box as well.

I've done netstat -rn and that all looks fine I've used ethereal running live 
capture on both machines what I could do with is a message saying "action 
refused because xxxx" then I'd know whats wrong.

I've tried ping www.yahoo.co.uk I can see the request comming into the Suse 
box but it just fails with the helpful message "Unable to look up domain"

This is all so much easier with Microsoft's user friendly wizards ;-) 
(Hand grenade)

PS. Anyone watching Glastonbury :-)

Dick Turpin
highwayman.turpin at gmail.com
"Stand and Deliver"

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