[Wolves] Not exactly Linux but definitely Freedom!

David Goodwin david at codepoets.co.uk
Mon Jun 27 22:54:11 BST 2005

Indeed. Your timing is excellent, as I thought I'd cause yet more 
controversy (all in one evening) by posting the link below....

> He actually used the quoted phrase. I'd like to do something about this 
> before "the whole hog" starts to stink even more when they decide that 
> this ID is required to log on to the Internet from a uniquely 
> identifiable PC or they want to install CCTV in my house to check I'm 
> not out commiting crimes after curfew. I know the "If you've got nothing 
> to hide..." argument but since I haven't got anything to hide why am I 
> to be treated as a suspect?

Well obviously you're innocent.... until proven guilty, aren't you?
(Oh, but perhaps not : http://tobyinkster.co.uk/cyberrights )

> Aq put this link on his diary but I don't think he mentioned it here:
>    http://www.pledgebank.com/
> Please consider pledging a Tenner in case I  need it.

I have as well, and today they (noid.net) sent me an email saying they 
are 1/2 way there in two weeks.

> If anyone knows any other effective way that those of us who don't want 
> to be shackled to an  ID card for the rest of our life could stop being 
> invisible then I'd like to hear about it. Yes, I'm annoyed! I thought I 
> was apolitical

You clearly missed the naff adverts on the telly before the e[lr]ection 

See also :

http://eclectech.co.uk/clarkeidcards.php for some amusement (requires 
flash and sound, Ubuntu users you may need to do a "killall esd" before 
starting firefox if all is silent)

David Goodwin

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