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Chris Ball chris at mnemonik.net
Fri Mar 4 14:31:43 GMT 2005

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Stuart Langridge wrote:

> I recommend thinking about this slightly differently. Instead of trying
> to write one program that works in two entirely differently
> environments, write three simpler programs: a server, a web client for
> that server, and a desktop client for that server. While the combination
> of the three will be a little more effort than just one, the resultant
> program will be a lot better; web applications are *not the same* as
> desktop applications, and they bring with them a whole new set of
> expectations as to user interface. Just to give one example, in a web
> browser, it's normal to click on an underlined word and expect something
> to happen; in a desktop application, it is emphatically not normal to do
> that. If you've got a clearly defined protocol between the server and
> the client then it's reasonably easy to implement the client and the
> server themselves, and this will make each application more relevant to
> the context in which it runs.
> Aq.

Thanks for the advice Aq, I appreciate it.

I'll let you guys know how I get on with this.

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