[Wolves] linux mag out DV stuck

Kelly, Martin Martinkelly at wlv.ac.uk
Mon Mar 7 10:33:14 GMT 2005

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Date: Fri, 4 Mar 2005 11:05:00 EST
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this is known as "inconvenience packaging" ever tried opening a packet of 
biscuits it says tear here!! the problem is this is the "English disease" we just 
put up with anythig if it happened on the continent or  in the States there 
would be a public uproar, and tose responsible would put it right. 


Update:  I did complain to the WH smith website and they have sent me a reply saying they are going to look into it.  I went into Another branch of Smiths over the weekend ( forgot It was Mothers day, Rush rush rush)  And couldn't see any copies of Linux Magazine anywhere.  I'm hoping that My request hasn't deprived the public of the potential of Ubuntu, (which I'm very pleased with by the way, having Installed it on my no1 Pc this weekend.... but oh god it's so brown).  
Personally, I like my Dvds secure to the mag, I especially like the glue that feels like flubber, and you can spend hours slowly letting it peel off,  It could replace pickup stiks as a national game. 
Im going to check at lunchtime today to see if they have withdrawn Linux Mag from the Wolves branch, if so I shall fire another email off to smithy's, cause that's not the result I was looking for. 
 Yes fellow humble british workers complain, complain, complain, for only then do we rattle the chains of our slavery at the Bosses and embarrasse them into submission.  ( sorry don't know what came over me).
Martin Kelly.
p.s. By the way, when it says "Tear Here" It means you are supposed to cry.

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