[Wolves] ubuntu modem set up

Kelly, Martin Martinkelly at wlv.ac.uk
Mon Mar 7 13:36:42 GMT 2005

As for Ubuntu.  I've finally got it installed on a PC WAHEY!!!!!!! 
But how on earth do I set up my modem????  I've gone through the help
pages and I cannot find any reference to it.  It also seems to be
stuck in 600x480 resolution despite stating only 800x600 and above res
in the set up.  The video card does support it and so does the
monitor.  They both work fine with my SuSE or Mandrake tin.

Take care.
Kevan Farmer

34 Hill Street
Cheslyn Hay

 Have you got a dial up modem?  It's easy when you know how, cause I did it last night. unfortuneatly, I can't remember the exact command and the paperwork i used is at home.
You need to set it up on the commandline, but the information you need is on the ubuntu website in a wiki. Sorry I can't be more specific till I get home. Some one else may give you the proper url later if ur lucky.  ( Someone gave it to  me on this list about 5-6 weeks ago,my Thanks are long overdue could've been adam ,not sure).
Martin Kelly

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