[Wolves] Debian install gone horribly wrong :(

scared at geneforensic.mine.nu scared at geneforensic.mine.nu
Fri Mar 11 03:14:33 GMT 2005

Thanks everybody,

Now that I think of it, this is not the first time I've had to argue with
MBR settings recently but that don't make it any easier to believe how it

I have now tried everyway to kick-start the MBR and eventually downloaded
the 1.44MB diagnostic iso from Maxtor.

I recommend everybody who thinks their 2Gb is acting slow should obtain
the HD drivers for their PC and glory in running speeds circa 1988 while
running  all the write tests :)

Next stop - low level format as it seems the last step untried.....
Anybody care to stop me before I pull the trigger?

> On Thursday 10 Mar 2005 19:24, Adam Sweet wrote:
>> To wipe/restore a Win9x mbr
>> boot from Windows boot floppy
>> a:\> fdisk /mbr
>> To restore a LILO mbr
>> http://mailman.lug.org.uk/pipermail/wolves/2004-April/006740.html
>> Grub I don't know about.
> grub-install <device>
> James
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