[Wolves] Installed Programs and SuSE 9.2 Pro

Adam Sweet drinky76 at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 12 00:47:14 GMT 2005

--- Tom Mortimer-Jones <tmj at tc.bham.ac.uk> wrote:
> Peter Cannon wrote:
> > Yes I run Debian on VMware but thats for an exam
> I'd like to take.
> Is that for LPI Pete? I think I remeber you
> mentioning you were thinking 
> of taking it. You do know that you only need to know
> either RPM or DPKG 
> don't you?
> http://lpi.org/en/faq1.html#1.14
> As you're a SuSE/Fedora user, wouldn't it be easier
> to choose the RPM exam?

Don't tell him that ;) Debian's way cooler. He'll
understand eventually if we leave him to it ;)

Incidentally, I still have the FC3 isos lying around
but I'm waaaaaay too busy at the moment to worry about
it. It will be interesting to experience the reverse
of what Peter is doing with Debian, that is to
understand the (idealogical) logic behind the way a
system works and then use a system that is almost
completely the inverse of what I am used to.

Incidentally, Ubuntu, although $$$ free, works in a
similar way to a paid distro in that is syncs with the
current Debian unstable after every release and then
spends the next 6 months stabilising and bugfixing
before releasing again. No new software is added to
the system after release, just bug and security fixes
for what is already installed.

Debian stable is reasonably similar albeit over a
hugely greater timescale, hence when Debian says it's
stable, it's probably as stable as you can get.

Debian Testing is more like what Tim was expecting,
which is that at any given time it is essentially a
snapshot of the latest packages in the testing
archive, thanks to the way apt works (when you update
it gets the latest version of every package in the
archive that you have installed). As soon as a newer
version goes into testing and you update, you get the
new version. You don't have to go and buy/download an
iso of a new version of the system every 6 or 9
months. Thats not intended to sound like a criticism
of other distros, just a comparison. Nor was it a
suggestion to Tim to install Debian Testing.

Debian unstable is the same, just more fast, furious
and broken in some cases.

Sorry for the waffling, it's just for comparitive
purposes. I only actually posted to wind up the





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