[Wolves] Ubuntu mysterious restarts

Andy Wootton andy.wootton at wyrley.demon.co.uk
Tue Mar 15 23:53:00 GMT 2005

Paul Harrison wrote:

> Well, I've now had the side off the PC for a day, taken out the memory
> sticks, swapped them round...no problems so far.  I suspect
> overheating.  I'd rather put the side back on the box, though.
> Is there anything fairly simple I can do to provide more cooling & not
> have Orac in the study? :-)
> Paul

What, those metal plates are supposed to be left on PCs? I thought they 
were just to protect them in transit. :-(

Have you worked out how the air flow around the case works? Sometimes 
you can improve things by moving longer cards or cabling about. I've 
known PCs that overheat worse with the case open because they rely on a 
directed air flow across the processor for effective cooling.

I assume you have checked the exisitng fan is working properly and the 
vents aren't clagged up. I've just learned from my central heating pump 
that noise doesn't mean that anything is necessarily being moved.


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