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Wed Mar 16 11:47:08 GMT 2005

On Tue, 15 Mar 2005 23:44:26 +0000, Andy Wootton
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> Paul Harrison wrote:
> > Well, I've now had the side off the PC for a day, taken out the memory
> > sticks, swapped them round...no problems so far.  I suspect
> > overheating.  I'd rather put the side back on the box, though.
> >
> > Is there anything fairly simple I can do to provide more cooling & not
> > have Orac in the study? :-)
> >
> > Paul
> What, those metal plates are supposed to be left on PCs? I thought they
> were just to protect them in transit. :-(
> Have you worked out how the air flow around the case works? Sometimes
> you can improve things by moving longer cards or cabling about. I've
> known PCs that overheat worse with the case open because they rely on a
> directed air flow across the processor for effective cooling.
> I assume you have checked the exisitng fan is working properly and the
> vents aren't clagged up. I've just learned from my central heating pump
> that noise doesn't mean that anything is necessarily being moved.
> Woo
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Ah, now central heating pumps I know a bit about :-))))  well, I've
got to know about something.  Anyway, they are on a metal spindle but
the vanes - impeller - are only ceramic.  That's why it may well be
whirring away merrily but te if the vanes are bust then no water
movement :-(((

Onto PC cooling...I've got one of those fans that docks into a PCI
slot.  It only uses a feed from the power off a molex and does take up
a slot but it helps cool things down.  I've got it positioned right
next to the graphics card as mine does not have a fan (128mb MX4000). 
At least this way it takes away what heat is generated before it gets
near the rest of the components.  I think it cost a couple of quid of
eBay.  You can also get heatsinks to fit onto memory modules which may

Take care.
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