[Wolves] Linspire has killed my Ubuntu

David Goodwin dg at clocksoft.com
Thu Mar 24 14:27:56 GMT 2005

MatthewRevell.3247378 at bloglines.com wrote:
> I'm reviewing Linspire 5.0, at the moment, for LugRadio.
> I installed it
> over my old Windows 98 partition, which sat alongside my Ubuntu partition.
> Linspire installed its own boot manager, which included Ubuntu in its menu,
> alongside Linspire. No probs, I thought.
> Last night, I tried to boot Ubuntu
> and was given a corrupted text mode screen, with the message, "Fatal error"
> and something else I couldn't read, due to weird stuff on the screen.
> Does
> anyone know how I can get my beautiful Ubuntu back, without wiping the disk
> and starting again?

Are you able to view/read the Ubuntu partition from e.g. a livecd or 
not? If you could, then you should be able to just do something like :

[boot from live cd]
[become root]
mount /dev/hdaN /mnt/hdaN [where N is the / partition for ubuntu]
chroot /mnt/hdaN
grub-install (can't remember if this needs arguments, might be /dev/hda)


(But this would probably stop you from being able to boot Linspire until 
you edit Ubuntu's grub config).

Good luck,


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