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Thu Mar 24 22:03:44 GMT 2005

On Thu, 24 Mar 2005 21:52:29 +0000, Peter Cannon
<peter at cannon-linux.co.uk> wrote:
> On Thursday 24 March 2005 20:46, Adam Sweet wrote:
> > Wow, it was only christmas time I was meeting you in
> > the freezing cold to give you my 9.2 box set.
> Sign of a true Linux devotee, not only do we contend with poor hardware
> support but trudge through snow drifts, torrential rain and sub zero
> temperatures to supply people who have a Linux addiction :-)
> > Four months is a remarkably quick turn around, a
> > little too quick for some home customers I feel (yes I
> > know you can download it free these days). How much is
> > box set? £60ish? I think £120 in little over 4 months
> > is a lot for anyone and may make people think twice
> > about keeping Windows that bit longer as XP at least
> > is here to stay for another 2 years or so.
> I still haven't found out/looked at whats going to be in it I was mooching
> around on the KDE sight the other day I think (correct me if I'm wrong) there
> is a KDE 3.4 release maybe thats going to be in it although that would be a
> break from tradition with Suse as they generally wait some time after a
> release to include new stuff in their release.
> I'm willing to bet that the reason for the early release is two fold;
> I reckon theres going to be some Novell stuff in there, also I presume Novell
> want to get the 27p they paid for Suse back very quickly :D
> > Ahh thats bollocks actually, people are either
> > interested in Linux or they aren't. I doubt that there
> > are that many floating voters to be honest, our quest
> > is to enlighten the ignorant and assist those that are
> > prepared to step over the line.
> Contrary to my Windows advocacy latley my personal view is distributions like
> Suse, Red Hat and Mandrake will defiantly walk the same path as Microsoft I
> don't mean their business practices what I mean is people will buy it/down
> load it because they think they must have it.
> Remember all the posts when 9.2 came out? all the Suse users, including me,
> complained "This don't work and it used to under 9.1" so it begs the question
> if 9.1 was working fine why did most of us install 9.2 ?
> > It would be interesting to see what strides have been
> > made in that 4 months anyway. I know SuSE are pretty
> > hot on removable media devices and connectivity
> > (firewire, USB etc) right now, there must surely be
> > more to this release than version number chasing.
> True, I will probably install it if only to see if I can get bloody sound I've
> exhausted every fix I can find! in actual fact Suse (the OS) is telling me
> everything is Hunky Dory and that as far as its concerned;
> "Your listening to it you moron" but in actual fact its as dead as a dodo.
> Don't you just hate it when an machine thinks its smarter than you?
> "Dave? Dave? what are you doing Dave?"
> "Its OK HAL everything is fine"
> --
> Regards
> Peter Cannon
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> "There is every excuse for not knowing"
> "There is no excuse for not asking"
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Well chaps... SuSE have a 6 month turn around.  Yes it is actually 6
months since 9.2 was released - or it will be when 9.3 is released. 
Nothing has changed there, that's how it has been for quite some
time....apparently.  But, it is rather M$ like in practise.  As for
things not working in 9.2.  I hover between 9.1 and 9.2  9.2 is on one
disc while 9.1 is on another and it all depends what mood I'm in.  I
have to say that I still tend to prefer 9.1  For no other reason than
at least the documentation has all installed which it didn't in 9.2 
The big question, shall I get and install 9.3?????  Perhaps and only
then if I win it ;-)))

I don't like this feeling that I'm getting that I ought and should
upgrade just because there is a new versioneither out or coming out. 
I'm trying to get away from M$ to avoid that.

Take care.
Kevan Farmer

34 Hill Street
Cheslyn Hay

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