[Wolves] Old, old AMD CPU's

Adam Sweet drinky76 at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 28 21:16:08 BST 2005

--- Kevanf1 <kevanf1 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Adam, that is wonderful.  I can pop over to
> Wolverhampton practically
> any time.  In fact, my dear wife and youngest
> daughter have already
> roped me into taking them into the city centre
> sometime this week. 
> Just say a time :-)  Can you make it during the day
> at all?

Yeah I'm off all this week. In fact I might be going
to town for lunch with a friend on Thursday if that
coincides with any of your visits, but otherwise just
let me know when you're going into Wolves and I'll
meet you then, I don't live far from town anyway so
it's no bother to drive up.

We can arrange this off list to save these good
people's bandwidth.

I'm not sure if I specified, but it's 500MHz like you
asked for.





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