[Wolves] I installed kubuntu recently BUT.............

Bobby Singh bs_wm at yahoo.co.uk
Tue May 3 13:00:49 BST 2005


Well i will get on the case over the next few days and
let people know.  Of course it is me not crossing the
t's or dotting the i's.  I will try to get the
bootloader boot up the kubuntu kernal folder

Thank You


 --- Adam Sweet <drinky76 at yahoo.com> wrote: 
> --- Bobby Singh <bs_wm at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
> > Hello,
> > 
> > Thanks all for all your responses.  
> > Well kubuntu is trying to load up '.mdk modules'
> > rather than it own ones.  I think its more likly
> to
> > do
> > with the way i config the bootloader.  I configed
> it
> > in mandrake control centre using grub.  When you
> > config through Kubuntu its MBR stops you accessing
> > all
> > your partitions.  Kubuntu is new so may have to
> wait
> > for offical tryed and tested HOWTOs.  Well i am
> > going
> > to get my hands dirty (time to back-up all).
> Its seems your system has got pretty confused. In
> the
> nicest possible way, it's probably a user mistake. I
> don't have experience of dual booting 2 Linux
> distros
> on the same machine, but it should be ok so long as
> you keep each installation with it's own set of
> partitions (with the exception of /home which you
> probably could share) and that you use one
> installation to manage the boot loader, possibly
> removing the bootloader from the other installation
> so
> it doesn't overwrite the mbr in the event of version
> update.
> I'm not quite sure how you can boot into Kubuntu if
> it's using the Mandrake / partition, but I would
> recommend booting into Mandrake and making sure that
> the Mandrake entries point at different partitions
> to
> the Kubuntu entries. More to the point, see if you
> can
> get the Kubuntu entries to point at the / partition
> of
> the Kubuntu installation.
> That should get you in the right direction. I can't
> tell you how to do that, it's down to what
> configuration of disks and partitions you have.
> If and when you boot into Kubuntu after this, keep
> an
> eye out for any kernel errors on boot as these will
> help diagnose any further problems, you see any,
> look
> at the files I mentiones earlier. Using the less
> utility to look at them means that you can use the
> up
> and down arrows to scroll through them.
> In particular, try:
> less /etc/fstab
> to make sure that all of the disks and partitions in
> your Kubuntu system are the ones you think they
> should
> be.
> Remember, hda is your primary master, hdb is primary
> slave, hdc is secondary master, hdd is secondary
> slave
> on a regular 2 channel ata motherboard which I'm
> guessing you might be using. Partitions are numbered
> from 1 upwards, so hdb1 is the first partition on
> your
> primary slave disk. I won't bother going on about
> logical partitions for now...
> Grub uses a slightly different disk naming
> convention,
> but I'm assuming Mandrake will have obscured this (I
> haven't used it in a long time myself). You can tell
> if it's using grub disk names as they start hd as
> before but number the disks and partitions starting
> at
> 0 separated by a comma.
> So a Linux disk name would be hda1 for the first
> partition on the primary master, whereas for grub it
> would be called hd0,0
> Confused? Of course not ;) Just work out which
> naming
> type it is using and then give the Mandrake boot
> configuration program the right partition for your
> Kubuntu installation, in the same format that it's
> using.
> > PS: Mandrake is my main distro but with the hype
> > around ubuntu/kubutu i had to try it.  Besides i
> was
> > thinking about changing to Debian before the hype.
> > I have version 3.0r3.  I may try this and do
> apt-kde
> > for kde. Will i get similar problems with Debian
> as
> > above (as kubuntu is based on Debian).
> Until you have the hang of Kubuntu I would stick
> with
> it. Debian will beat the hell out of anyone who
> isn't
> ready for it, you would however learn a lot more
> about
> Linux under the covers.
> Hope I haven't confused the issue too much for you,
> I
> tend to get carried away with explaining things.
> Just try to get the boot information set up
> correctly
> in Mandrake, then make sure /etc/fstab in Kubuntu
> lists the correct partitions for your Kubuntu
> installation and check the log files for errors.
> Then report back :)
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