[Wolves] PROBLEM SOLVED Kubuntu (i think) (have a laugh on me, go on)

Bobby Singh bs_wm at yahoo.co.uk
Thu May 5 22:40:02 BST 2005


Remember me (see past post bad booting into kubuntu
with no internet and sound).

Well I took a deep breath and re-installed kubuntu but
with its own boot-loader on MBR (last time i did this
with ubuntu i lost access to all my partitions).  Now
i can get XP, Mandrake and kubuntu.  Why not do this
the first time?? I normally boot things myself in
mandrake as it is my main distro and config it there. 
Other distro's (like ubuntu) normally stop me booting
other partitions. So i play safe.  (yes for all thoose
proper linux users chuckling and laughing at this. it
was all stupid, however in the process i have learnt a
lot 'under the hood' stuff on boot-loaders, the
kernal, masks, configs etc etc)

Without doubt kubuntu has excellent 'eye candy'.  Well
then for all thoose kubuntu/ubuntu users confirm the
hype.  Tell me whats so good about it? What about the
lesser stuff, its best cd-burner, sercurity (firewall
and anti-virus), apt-get commands etc etc.

I do have some points:
- I am now using Konqueror but normally use Firefox.
Its not default kubuntu.  But i am getting use to
Konqueror.  Before i import my bookmarks is it ok to
use it.  Is it just as secure as firefox and bug free.
- I have a FAT32 partition for my files to use between
different OS and distros.  In kubunntu how do i open
thoose partitions, i can't mount them or open them, i
get error. (in mandrake you just have them to click).



PS;  Just some 'blue-sky' thinking for thoose of you. 
There is a something.  I had mandrake in lilo with XP.
 When installing kubuntu it used grub.  Grub is
booting all my partitions but in mandrake it thinks
its still in lilo and can't config anything in there. 
Is grub sitting nicely on lilo.  That recipe mix bound
to end in disaster.  Looks like something bad is about
to happen and 1 day i may loose everything. 

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