[Wolves] Hello - first post from me !

Tim Childe tim.childe.lists at gmail.com
Wed May 4 02:25:07 BST 2005

{tangent mode}

What is it with all these systems turning off the Num Lock ??

When was the last time anyone used an 88 key keyboard ???

Sorry, but it drives me nuts as well.

{/tangent mode}

Thanks for all the info above.  I'll try it tomorrow.  I've had to
switch back to M$ whilst working - and now it's time for bed.

(Several of my students in answer to a question about why you might
use bespoke software instead of General Purpose software such as M$
Office, answered with such things as

"MS Office would not be appropriate as <they> need software that is
quick and easy to use"


"No bugs"

At least they've learnt something in my lessons !!!!!!!)


> > Now, if you could just tell me how to enable numlock
> > by default...


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