[Wolves] Hello - first post from me !

Stuart Langridge stuart.langridge at gmail.com
Wed May 4 01:01:37 BST 2005

> > > login. Though it's not so easy on Ubuntu to do
> > > automatic login.
> >
> > Rubbish. :-)
> So it is, I stand corrected. And rightly so.

Although I should probably have corrected you a bit less
condescendingly. Sorry about that. :)
> Now, if you could just tell me how to enable numlock
> by default...

What, you mean the numlock that the kernel is *hardcoded* to turn off
because Linus doesn't like it? You have to do it *twice*; there's a
program around called setleds that can do it at startup, and then you
have to do it again with xset inside X, because X turns it off too.
Can't remember how to use each of those programs, though, sorry; I
hate numlock, so it defaulting to off is good for me :)


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