[Wolves] Kubuntu Humble Pie

Kevanf1 kevanf1 at gmail.com
Thu May 12 09:43:43 BST 2005

On 5/12/05, Peter Cannon <peter at cannon-linux.co.uk> wrote:

> Finally got it loaded about 8.00pm, Great! I've got Sound and Administrator
> mode works! strangely it wont see the modem.

It may just be the usual changing /dev/modem to point to /dev/tts0 
It's got to the stage where I do that without thinking now :-)  But,
that's using an external modem of course.  I'm willing to bet you have
an internal modem....

I'm apparently not alone in not being able to get a connection through
the modem.  It's been reported on the Kubuntu forum.  I'll try
lowering the speed later on then there is another fix (which I cannot
recall at the moment) to try if that fails.

Take care.
Kevan Farmer

34 Hill Street
Cheslyn Hay

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