[Wolves] Linux compatible MP3 player

Andy Wootton andy.wootton at wyrley.demon.co.uk
Sat May 14 15:45:51 BST 2005

Sparkes has just reminded me that I didn't ever report back on my 
decision about which 'MP3 player' to buy for my son.

As we speak, Ubuntu is ripping his CD collection to Ogg, writing 
directly to the 40GB drive of a Cowan iAudio M3.

I came to the conclusion that Apple are Evil in the music business where 
they feel they have a sufficient monopoly position and iRiver have sold 
out to Microsoft in their latest players, dropping most of the openness 
that they were famous for. Thanks to Kat and David to bringing Cowan 
iAudios to my attention. The M3 has a 20/40GB drive but is almost as 
small as the iPod Mini. The only feature that some might not like is 
that there is no display on the main unit. You put the player safe in 
your pocket and the wired remote clips to your clothing. It comes with a 
suite of Windows software but on Linux it just automatically mounts as a 
hard drive and you drag and drop MP3s, Oggs etc. to the file system. I 
set it up by artist, album, track but this isn't compulsory. It doesn't 
like question marks in title tracks. It just seems to scan and find 
everything. I got it from Amazon. There was another UK supplier who said 
they had dropped the price but didn't have any stock.

Cheaper, smaller, ogg, FM radio; records from radio, line-in or built-in 
mic to MP3; better headphones and sound than an iPod. Recommended!


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