[Wolves] Linux compatible MP3 player

David Goodwin david at codepoets.co.uk
Sat May 14 19:57:59 BST 2005

> I came to the conclusion that Apple are Evil in the music business where 
> they feel they have a sufficient monopoly position and iRiver have sold 
> out to Microsoft in their latest players, dropping most of the openness 
> that they were famous for. Thanks to Kat and David to bringing Cowan 
> iAudios to my attention. The M3 has a 20/40GB drive but is almost as 
> small as the iPod Mini. 

> Cheaper, smaller, ogg, FM radio; records from radio, line-in or built-in 
> mic to MP3; better headphones and sound than an iPod. Recommended!

For the sake of accuracy, Kat and I have IAudio G3's which are 1gb flash 
based and do ogg/mp3/wma/fm radio, single battery (aa) lasts for a long 
time (perhaps up to 20 hours).

I think there's a 2gb version on the market now.


David Goodwin

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