[Wolves] Editors

Steve Parkes sparkes at westmids.biz
Mon May 16 19:58:30 BST 2005

Baza wrote:

> Is pico, 'non free' software? I thought as it came fitted and working  
> with Ubuntu it was fully free. 

pico is probably a shortcut for nano, I don't think the licence of pico 
allows you to rebuilt and repackage it so it isn't on the debian build 
servers.  I think ubuntu just imports the debian src for universe and 
multiverse so it won't be on their servers either.  The distro's that 
distribute pico have either signed an aggreement with whatever 
university own the copyright (Washington?) or are breaking the terms of 
the licence.  This was a big issue a couple of years back and the 
licence might have changed but I can't find it in debian unstable.  
Incidently I used pico until I switched to debian after using the 
pine/pico combo on SunOS and already knowing the keybindings thanks to 

> Or is any editor other than emacs the  anti christ of editors to RMS? :)

A file editor shouldn't attempt to either be your doctor or wipe your 
arse in my opinion so both pico and emacs suck ;-)

> Baza

sparkes (a :wq man)

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