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Deusiah deusiah at gmail.com
Mon May 16 20:47:00 BST 2005

Yeah I just checked, it's a shortcut to Nano.

I have been using Vi over Nano recently and I'm beginning to like it,
it has a lot of features. Haven't been able to get PHP syntax
highlighting working though. Emacs looks quite interesting as it does
so many thing. Is it as text editor or a muti-purpose tool? Haven't
been able to get syntax highlighting working on that either.

At the moment, Nano, Vi and Emacs are on a par for me. I don't favour
any over the other. Nano's quick. Vi's quick and powerful Emacs is
quick and very very full featured not sure if that's a good or bad
thing though :)


On 5/16/05, Steve Parkes <sparkes at westmids.biz> wrote:
> Baza wrote:
> >
> > Is pico, 'non free' software? I thought as it came fitted and working
> > with Ubuntu it was fully free.
> pico is probably a shortcut for nano, I don't think the licence of pico
> allows you to rebuilt and repackage it so it isn't on the debian build
> servers.  I think ubuntu just imports the debian src for universe and
> multiverse so it won't be on their servers either.  The distro's that
> distribute pico have either signed an aggreement with whatever
> university own the copyright (Washington?) or are breaking the terms of
> the licence.  This was a big issue a couple of years back and the
> licence might have changed but I can't find it in debian unstable.
> Incidently I used pico until I switched to debian after using the
> pine/pico combo on SunOS and already knowing the keybindings thanks to
> wordstar.
> > Or is any editor other than emacs the  anti christ of editors to RMS? :)
> A file editor shouldn't attempt to either be your doctor or wipe your
> arse in my opinion so both pico and emacs suck ;-)
> >
> > Baza
> sparkes (a :wq man)
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