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Deusiah deusiah at gmail.com
Tue May 17 10:36:57 BST 2005

Well it all makes sense but how is this the case for broadband since
it's a UK product right?


On 5/17/05, David Goodwin <dg at clocksoft.com> wrote:
> > shop prices.  Reels that cost in excess of £100 over here can be
> > bought for around £30 to £40 in the US.  Line is the same with some
> > stuff over here costing say £30 for 125yds (yes, you read that
> > correctly) while in the US it is something like the equivalent of
> > £5!!!!  Which even taking the current very favourable exchange rate is
> > still ridiculous.  Comparing US prices to actual buying power is a
> > better way of illustrating the differentials as it can be argued that
> > US prices would be half of ours with the aforementioned favourable
> > exchange rate.  Let's just say that the actual buying power of the
> > average US citizen is better than that of a British citizen regardless
> > of exchange rates.
> >
> Not knowing much about angling gear, but certainly some software tends
> to be 'produced' in the US, and sold directly by the manufactuer. By the
> time it gets over to the UK, a number of distributors and resellers will
> have been involved, who all want their slice of the pie in exchange for
> selling it. Hence what started as a 1 quid to 1.8 dollars exchange rate
> heads towards 1:1.
> I suspect this sort of thing happens to many items, as the US tends to
> be the primary market for a lot of products, which are just resold
> around the globe in smaller markets (UK, France.....)
> I might of course be talking b*ll*cks - unfortunately I wasn't able to
> do economics in school (which I would have really enjoyed doing)...
> David.
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