[Wolves] What makes Gnome/KDE slow?

Deusiah deusiah at gmail.com
Tue May 17 18:50:10 BST 2005

Well, I thought I'd give this a real test so I have done the same
thing on a 500Mhz machine and it has had a great result! Nautilus has
a very acceptable speed now so I don't see the point in using Rox

I'm still expecting to find some odd problem that's going to stop me
from doing this but so far it's been great. It's just what I was
looking for, Gnome but faster.


On 5/17/05, Deusiah <deusiah at gmail.com> wrote:
> OK I just made my desktop around 50% faster. I got fed up of Gnome
> sluggishness (as I often do) and so fired up XFCE.
> XFCE is nice but it's not gnome so I killed the XFCE panels, fired up
> nautilus which induced the gnome desktop and a few other things, then
> I started gnome-panel and gnome-volume-manager. Now what I'm looking
> at is a gnome desktop by appearance however it performs like XFCE
> (perhaps slightly sower). Even Gnome Terminal and Firefox are much
> faster.
> There has to be some obvious major catch to doing this right?
> Chris
> On 5/17/05, Stuart Langridge <stuart.langridge at gmail.com> wrote:
> > On 5/17/05, Deusiah <deusiah at gmail.com> wrote:
> > > Actually this Openbox window manager does make some difference. It's
> > > hard to tell sometimes because you can be opening slow programs like
> > > Firefox or gnome terminal. Perhaps a solution is to use other
> > > programs?
> > >
> > > Replace Nautilus with Rox Filer, Metacity with OpenBox, Gnome Panel
> > > with PyPanel or fbpanel etc.
> >
> > That'd make it faster, certainly, but it is deeply unclear that a
> > desktop running fbpanel and the Rox Filer is still Gnome. ;)
> >
> > Aq.
> >
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