[Wolves] Badly in need of a forum?

mad-malc at tiscali.co.uk mad-malc at tiscali.co.uk
Tue May 17 22:46:58 BST 2005

Yep that's right I guess my main point is that a lot of the traffic on the
mailing list would have been better placed on a forum, i mean if someone's
got a problem with an application and needs help, a forum would be a repositiory
of advice, of course advice given might be debated but it would just be one
thread whereas the mailing list generates myriad threads. and can become
overwhelming hiding informed discussion in just one of the many emails.

Mad Malc

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>Subject: Re: [Wolves] Badly in need of a forum?
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>You know just 30 minutes ago I was thinking what is the point of
>mailing lists? I'm guessing they were around before forums or
>With forums you can edit your posts, have all the threads displayed in
>a nice legible format. It doesn't  take up any space in your email
>account and you have a permanent reachable record for anything that's
>been discussed. Fair enough you can look through the archives but I
>don't think they are so accessible as a forum.
>Perhaps I'm missing something out? I don't know much about mailing
>lists and this is the first one I have ever joined.
>On 5/17/05, Mad Malc <mad-malc at tiscali.co.uk> wrote:
>> Hi, just the 67 email messages so far today from wolveslug members, some
>> of them are clearly developing into threads, so when is the
>> forum/chatroom to be launched?
>> Otherwise should the lug membership increase, the emails might take on
>> the proportions of SPAM!
>> Mad Malc
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