[Wolves] Ubuntu Normal CD vs Live CD

Stuart Langridge stuart.langridge at gmail.com
Wed May 18 11:17:22 BST 2005

> She has a dial up connection, so if I use the Live CD am I going to have to
> download a lot of stuff to get the system running? I don't think she'll be to
> happy if we have to spent hours downloading Debs before she can use her
> computer.
> So in brief my questions are:
> 1) Will a Live CD let us back up stuff to CD-R?

Two important points here. The first is: you can't install the system
from the Ubuntu Live CD. You have to use the install CD for that. The
second is: has she got two CD drives? If she hasn't, then you can't
use the Live CD to back up data to a CDR, because the Live CD will be
in the CD drive...

Is her machine so screwed that it can't burn CDs from Windows?


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