[Wolves] Make Gnome Fast! [Was: What makes Gnome/KDE slow?]

kev adams kev at magicmoon.co.uk
Fri May 20 10:31:08 BST 2005

On Friday 20 May 2005 09:52, Kevanf1 wrote:

> Considering Sparkes' thoughts, how about doing your timings again,
> Chris.  First on an initial boot speed (and I presume loading of
> various programs etc) then after the PC has been running for say a few
> days.  That's obviously assuming that you leave your PC running
> overnight?  It is possible that the speed increase is indeed genuine

Unless someone is running a server (or for an important test?) why would they 
want to leave a system running overnight?  In these days when we know of the 
disastrous consequences of excessive carbon emissions I can't help thinking 
that that is awful advice.  Deliberately using a few hundred watts for 
several hours unecessarily is irresponsible.

Or I could have missunderstood the post :~)

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