[Wolves] Linux for idiots

B baza at themauvezone.fsnet.co.uk
Fri May 20 19:58:13 BST 2005

Larry Tomkins wrote:

>I will agree the Linux is better then windows for many
>things, and it's safer for surfing, but there are some
>areas mainly available apps when it comes nowhere
>near. I am thinking of Cooledit the audio editor,
>there is nothing in linux that comes anywhere near.
>Also I like musicmatch jukebox again nothing in linux
>with the same functionality. Scanner support is
>improving but again not in the same league, the same
>goes for digital cameras too. But we stay here hoping
>Larry T.
>Linspire is good those that don't wish to know the
>internals of an op sys (or idiots as you call them)
>--- mad-malc at tiscali.co.uk wrote:
>>Hi all
>>I have been conducting a little exoeriment to see if
>>Linux is suitable for
>>idiots (I know what you're thinking...).
>>I tried to post the preliminary results but guess
>>there is some filter which
>>will not allow a .PDF attachment, I had to export
>>the file to PDF to save
>>it as my O.O.O kept causing a KDE Crash handler when
>>trying to save (running
>>KDE 3.4 on SUSE 9.2 not sure about O.O.O version).
>>Any way the most important thing I have discovered
>>is that some of the new
>>Live Cd versions will quite happily boot and install
>>on one machine but not
>>the other, also the amount of functionality from
>>straight install varies
>>somewhat between Distro's. This leads me to still
>>advocate linux as a better
>>system than Windows as regards to what you get from
>>as straight Distro still
>>install, but also means that I can not extol the
>>virtues of one Linux Distro
>>over another.
>>Indeed the past practise of giving anyone interested
>>in linux a set of install
>>discs for a particular Distro are being modified in
>>my mind, in that it might
>>be more productive to hand over 2 or more distro's,
>>with the caveat that
>>as I do not know their particular machines
>>specification ,there will be different
>>results from each install, but I'm still certain it
>>will beat windows and
>>they'll be really pleased with at least one of them.
>>Looking at the question further WindowsXP gives
>>almost no usability unless
>>you have driver discs for basic motherboard
>>components, so linux is in my
>>opinion far more suitable for someone wanted a works
>>from out the box solution,
>>the problem to be faced is however down to hardware
>>compatibility which is
>>a bit of a lottery.
>>Mad Malc
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