[Wolves] Ping Woo - Hacker / Manager article

sparkes sparkes at westmids.biz
Thu May 26 12:06:37 BST 2005

Adam Sweet wrote:

>Hi Woo,
>Email subject sounds like an old Chinese lady, but
>never mind.
>Think I found that article you were on about on
>unserstanding hackers from a mangers perspective.

I am currently writing an evolution of hackers piece to go with the long
lost one on being a hacker, it covers (at least in my head) a lot of
these points putting them into an anthrological perspective.  We are,
after all, an evolution of homo.sapian.sapian ;-)

Which brings me to a nicely off topic point I was going to email Aq with
later but I'll bother everyone with instead what would the latin for
hacker be in the context of this taxonomy?

homo.sapian.sapian.hackis ?  hackus?

I may not agree with what you say, but to your death I will defend your
right to say it

- Voltaire

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