[Wolves] Ping Woo - Hacker / Manager article

Andy Wootton andy.wootton at wyrley.demon.co.uk
Thu May 26 21:00:18 BST 2005

Adam Sweet wrote:

>Hi Woo,
>Email subject sounds like an old Chinese lady, but
>never mind.
>Think I found that article you were on about on
>unserstanding hackers from a mangers perspective.
>Quite funny really, I see a lot of my own traits. The
>one you were on about where managers think you're
>playing games on work time and you're actually letting
>information sink in. "Percolating". What a great
>phrase. I do that all the time, take time out from the
>world and let my brain mull things over for me while I
>do fun stuff.
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Correct! I wrote them both to the Wiki booklist earlier but I'm not 
allowed to use mail lists to let you know. Go figure how that helps security

Did you see "decompressing" to describes the process of coming out of a 
deep hacking state?

I put a placeholder for the union of the sets WolvesLUGmembers and 
PublishedAuthors to promote their wares too. No takers so far.


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