[Wolves] Samba in an Active Directories environment

Simon Morris mozrat at gmail.com
Fri Nov 18 12:42:12 GMT 2005

On 18/11/05, Peter Cannon <peter at cannon-linux.co.uk> wrote:
> On Friday 18 November 2005 11:30, Simon Morris wrote:
> > After a week of working on SUSE I'm close to ripping my eyeballs out with my
> > bare hands (just how cumbersome is YaST for software management??
> Cumbersome? you must be using a different version 10 to me then?

'lo Peter

No - most probably the same version.

The box is installed without a GUI and I'm using the curses version to
install new software.

In fact if the thread is going this way I would *love* some help from
someone who knows more about it than I.

I can install packages with `yast2 -i foo' which is bloody slow
compared to apt and other automatic dependancy checkers I've used but
how to I search for available packages?

Last night was Nagios night and I can see there are a number of RPMs
for this, but without having to navigate the software menus I can't
see them. I'd like some output to STDOUT please :)

Also within yast it only shows me software by category. How do I see
ALL packages in a long list.

> > Where did > all my packages go??)
> You uninstalled them?

Well - I also have SUSE10 installed on my laptop with a full Gnome
desktop. I haven't been able to find packages for gtkpod or iPodder
which I live out of ( Clive Bull LBC 97.3  -- if you haven't listened
to his podcast give it a go :) )

I think there are a lot of software packages I'm going to end up
building rather then getting straight out of the vendors repository,
unlike in Debian where nearly everything I need is provided.

> A two year old can operate Yast.

That would be because it is easy to navigate? Try putting a 2 year in
front of the curses version and get them to navigate it... I know a 29
year old (me) that had problems last night :)

It is indeed a useful utility but the word "bloat" springs to mind

> > (BTW - I blame my frustration with SUSE on the fact I am unfamiliar
> > with it, before a gecko fan flambes me -- I'm still learning the in's
> > and out's)
> Na its generally me that gets flamed, I'm glad you said the above thats
> generally the case. you're used to ways of doing things and just because Suse
> does them different doesn't mean its crap.

Yep. Hand on heart I need to learn more about SUSE and I'm approaching
it with an open mind. If I know as much about it as I do the distros
inside my comfort zone and I still find it lacking I'll be the first
to slander it.

At the moment I think I'm missing a lot of shortcuts. I'm not in the
habit of commenting on things I know not a lot about - good way to get
flamed that one :)

> > Plus Zen interests me - this could spill over to the other thread
> > about software management
> 'Zen' did you mean Xen?

Xen interests me as well but I was referring to Zen at that moment.


> I was looking at that this morning, am I being dim or am I reading it correct?
> apparently you need to install the xen kernel but also xen only runs on a x86
> architecture, plus you cant run Windows on it (yet).

That all sounds correct to me. SUSE seem to have been very early
adopters of Xen but is still getting developed. Very cool technology


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