[Wolves] linux fedora core 4

Adam Sweet drinky76 at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 18 21:45:56 GMT 2005

--- Stuart Langridge <sil at kryogenix.org> wrote:

> > Mplayer lets you watch just about anything.
> I'm starting to find mplayer to be a pain in the
> arse, myself, and I'm
> debating switching. Does anyone have experience with
> vlc? It seems to
> be able to play stuff without having to download
> loads of codecs,
> which is good; does it play stuff, or does it fail a
> lot on various video formats?

I use VLC as my main video player and it has never
baulked at anything I've thrown at it. That said, I
installed w32codecs from the Marillat repositry (it's
not recommended to do a system update with Marillat in
your sources.list at the moment, just install
w32codecs and remove the repo). Whether it plays
everything you want depends on how free you want to

A good feature list is here

The GTK and Gnome interfaces were in Hoary but are
unmaintained these days and are only available in
Breezy as a dummy packages for smooth upgrades to the
WxWindows interface, WxWindows isn't as nice.

DVD playback is better than everything else I tried
including Mplayer, but isn't quite perfect, seems to
stick a tiny bit every second or so, just before the
disk is read, so it looks like it (or it's multimedia
backend, or the kernel) needs to be a bit more on the
button with disk reads. I've seen people mention
ensuring DMA is enabled on your optical drives, but I
vaguely recall checking this and it was on for mine,
besides it's all a bunch of faffing. What we want is
for this is to 'Aq-get install <DVD player software of
choice>' (the --configure-to-work-properly switch is
implicit and is therefore no longer required).

Playback from the filesystem has no such problems of
course and DVD playback performance seems to be the
sticking point for most multimedia players under
Linux, of which VLC seems to be the best of the bunch,
which is why I started using it in the first place. I
can't remember why now but Mplayer annoyed me too.





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