[Wolves] Yesterdays LWCE in London

David Goodwin dg at clocksoft.com
Mon Oct 10 10:42:20 BST 2005

Simon Morris wrote:
> Wolverians,
> Did any of you chaps make it down to yesterdays (and the previous
> days) LinuxWorld Conference and Expo?
> If so any reports or observations to make? Did anyone blog the event?

Kat and I were there (as reported by Chris).

We found the following useful :

OpenNMS - Open Network Management - similar to Nagios, but seems to be 
more automated (Java based, highly scalable) and PostgreSQL backend.

Karoshi - an X dialog based set of scripts to do common admin tasks for 
the school environment.

Sun - cheap servers (?); no one really seemed interested in talking to 
me until I hung around for ages

Drupal - Open source CMS (e.g. Kat&my http://drupal.codepoets.co.uk). 
Quite interesting talking to these people.

Gnome / KDE ... I didn't bother talking to

Bytemark - they're going to upgrade my virtual machine for free :)

OpenAdvantage - we all know them..

OpenForumEurope (i think) - should have done LPI exams. They advertised 
the 201, but weren't actually doign it. (*grrr*)

Lonix - nice bunch of guys, took us to a decent pub... drank a little 
too much...

Ubuntu - ....

Generally - to me, it appeared to be far better than last years 
LinuxUserExpo thing - which was a great disappointment. There was a 
sizeable .org village, with quite a few projects there. There also 
appeared to be quite a few new corporate "faces" e.g. Dell, Oracle etc 
which was good. The Great Linux Debate was kind of OK but nothing 
particularly ground breaking happened in it (day 1 - microsoft + patent 
bashing, day 2 - more microsoft bashing and not much else) - 
unfortunately I couldn't talk on the second day (drink+noisy pub to 
blame) but should have asked how the OpenDocument / Massechutus 
(definately can't spell) thing may affect the rest of the world.

We had a good time there, and I agree with Chris's comments about it not 
being as good if you don't stay overnight for the social aspect.


p.s. There was also FUDCON (Fedora Users Group), which Ade appeared 
interested in. I didn't see much point in participating in it.

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