[Wolves] Scumbags Hack Xoops site

Steve Parkes sparkes at westmids.biz
Thu Oct 20 17:49:59 BST 2005

Peter Cannon wrote:

> Surficed to say I think they all leave the back door open in respect of 
> modules etc, I think we've got blase in respect of installing stuff that Joe 
> Public has submitted. Most of the sites have disclaimers but of course when 
> its downloaded from say Xoops subconsciously you think "Its from them it must 
> be OK"

Seriously all the *nuke php cms' are total pants under the covers with 
the majority of code written by 14 year old kids :-)  I have been saying 
this for years and years they suck.

If you need proof look at lists such as bugtraq and in particular at 
what the teams behind them say when expliots are discovered.  Half the 
time they don't even have an offical response.

They give open source and free software a bad name.


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