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Subject:        Please vote against software patents
Date:   Thu, 20 Oct 2005 22:15:55 +0100
From:   Norbert Bollow <noswpat at bollow.ch>

Dear Supporters of ThankPoland.info,

By thanking the Polish government for its courageous intervention against
software patents, you have already been very helpful (you may refer to
http://wiki.ffii.org/Sejm050216En for details and some pictures of the
"Thank Poland" ceremony which took place in Warsaw in February of this
year, in the Polish Parliament, Sejm.)

There is now a new and extremely similar opportunity to make a statement
against software patents by taking a minute to fill out a simple Internet
form.  The founder of the NoSoftwarePatents.com campaign, Florian Mueller,
is currently running in an Internet poll for the "European of the Year"
against such celebrities as U2 frontman Bono and politicians like
Schroeder, Merkel and Blair.  For voting recommendations and further
information, please click here:


When I was in Warsaw, I learned from Polish politicians that Florian's
NoSoftwarePatents.com campaign website has had a significant impact among
them.  Two Polish politicians have told me personally that they had
printed out information from NoSoftwarePatents.com and used it to inform
other politicians about the issue.  Florian, who had come to Warsaw for the
"Thank Poland" ceremony, also played a key role during the press conference

In view of all this, I have no doubt that Florian deserves to win those
"Campaigner of the Year" and "European of the Year" awards.  There is a
realistic chance that we can, by voting for him on the Internet, make him
the new "European of the Year", which would demonstrate to politicians, the
press and the public that software patents are highly unpopular.  Hence,
every vote for Florian is a strong vote for freedom from software patents.

It is necessary to vote for one candidate in each of the ten categories.
Florian is running in two of them, and there are also other categories in
which we can support those who opposed software patents and vote against
those who wanted to make software legally patentable in Europe.

Best regards,

Norbert Bollow

P.S.  Everyone can participate in this Internet poll, including
       non-Europeans.  On the NoSoftwarePatents.com site, texts (and
       banners) are available in more than a dozen languages.  You can also
       send emails to make friends aware of this Internet referendum.

       Today, five celebrities from the world of free and open-source
       software (Richard Stallman, Tim O'Reilly, Alan Cox, Rasmus Lerdorf
       and Monty Widenius) also called on their supporters to vote for

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