[Wolves] Adam you're account is maxed out!!

Adam Sweet drinky76 at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 27 14:13:25 BST 2005

--- Steve Parkes <sparkes at westmids.biz> wrote:

> David Goodwin wrote:
> > 2) Comment is filtered through something like
> SpamKarma
> this appears to be the guilty party here ;-)  Adam
> will fill in the details.

Yeah I'm using Spam Karma 2 after replacing the 50%
effective Spaminator. I did this about a month ago and
while I haven't had to sift through any spam at all,
not have I gotten any false positives which is
absolutely extraordinary, my bandwidth usage has gone
through the roof.

I have a theory that is based on absolutely no
technical understanding of the implemtations of either
Spaminator or Spam Karma 2, which is that maybe
Spaminator discontinued the receipt of the comment whn
it identified it as spam and Spam Karma 2 completes
the receipt and places it in the spam pile to allow
you to review it if you wish before deleting them some
time later.

That might be utterly wrong of course.I think referrer
spam might also be a contributor as all except 1 or 2
of my top 100 or so referrers are fake.





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