[Wolves] Using hardware events as software triggers

Stuart Langridge sil at kryogenix.org
Mon Sep 5 12:12:09 BST 2005

> What I've been asked to do is to find out whether we
> can use hardware events such the connection of a usb
> card reader and the insertion of the media itself to
> trigger certain processes, such as:
> On connection of reader, check for the media and if it
> is present, check for a filesystem, if there is one
> present, mount it and check for data, if not, access
> the device directly and check for data. In either
> case, if there is data on the media, do x, y and z
> with it.

If the machines are running Gnome then you might want to look at the
gnome-volume-manager. If not, then a good place to start would be
Jono's gnome-iriver code, which does exactly this for iRivers...


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