[Wolves] New Website design

chris procter chris-procter at talk21.com
Tue Sep 6 12:12:09 BST 2005

--- Stuart Langridge <sil at kryogenix.org> wrote:
> 2. Is it useful to link directly to the archives?
> Would it be better,
> for example, to link to a form which searches the
> archives? Or
> directly to the most recent month? I think that use
> cases for looking
> at the archives are:
>  a. To find out what the LUG is about, if you're
> new, and to get a
> feel for what the conversation is like.
>  b. To find a post that you remember reading in your
> mail but have
> since deleted.
>  c. To search for information in case anyone has
> talked about a
> specific topic on the list before.

I think we need a brief "what is wolveslug" type
description on the front page (below the meeting
details), something fairly descriptive but generic
enough that it doesn't need to be updated like:-

"WolvesLUG is a group of linux users ranging from
complete beginners through to (self styled!) experts
who discuss linux, technology and anything else of
interest both via email on the wolveslug mailing list,
and at fortnightly "curry and chat" meetings.

To see what is currently being discussed look at the
archives [link to latest month in archives]

To join simply subscribe to the mailing list and get
involved, or to see what sort of things are currently
interesting members click on the links below."

then the link at the bottom could just be "search list
archives" and go to the search page because we have
already explained what that means. So the text on the
page answers (a) and the link at the bottom answers
(b) and (c). The full date order archives are already
linked at the bottom of emails and are less usefull

Or is the front page deliberately minimalist in a new
wave reaction to the abstract expressionist
subjectivity of the establishment dictated norms of
web pages of the past?

chris (whos learnt some new words and needs an excuse
to use them)

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