[Wolves] Samba and passwords

David Goodwin david at codepoets.co.uk
Sat Sep 10 18:51:13 BST 2005

Kevanf1 wrote:
> Is anybody on here clued up on Samba?  I don't think this needs an
> expert just somebody who knows a bit more than I do.  Before I explain
> my problem I will state that I have gone through the O'Reilly 'Using
> Samba' book.  I'm running SuSE 9.3 with Samba 3.*  I thought I had
> done everything through YAST to set up Samba.  All it really asked for
> was a valid Windows Workgroup to log onto.  I was not asked for any
> users or passwords.  Ok so it will authenticate from the normal
> username/password configuration files (either the Windows ones or the
> Linux ones).  Obviously I am wrong as I can see the Windows workgroup.
>  I can then see the Windows PC (only the one on this workgroup) then I
> see the various drives.  Strangely the two printers do not show up. 
> If I try to access a drive on the Windows tin I have to enter the
> administrator username and password.  That's not ideal as I just want
> to access it as a normal Windows user.  The permissions are correctly
> set Windows wise; they have been checked with another Win drive in
> place of the Linux one and all works perfectly.  Trying to access a
> drive on the Linux tin from the Windows tin is worse.  Again it asks
> for a username/password combination.  In this case nothing is
> accepted.  I have tried root and normal users, nothing.  I am,
> therefore, left wondering if there is a file somewhere in the Samba
> configuration directory where I need to actually add users and
> passwords.
> I have both Samba client and server running.  The network is a
> standard ethernet with both machines going through a router
> (broadband/modem/switch/firewall).  Could this last be my problem
> area?


You'll need to create users for Samba, using the smbpasswd command.

Run as root :

smbpasswd -c your_user_name

This has now allowed someone with your_user_name to connect to \\yourPc....

However, in order to translate this "windows" username to the Unix 
filesystem, there normally should be a Unix user with the same name as 
the Windows one.

There is a file called smbusers (which probably has a man pagE) which 
allows you to map different Windows usernames onto different Unix usernames.

Hope that helps a little,

David Goodwin

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