[Wolves] RE: Anyone a citizen of loverly?

Kelly, Martin Martinkelly at wlv.ac.uk
Tue Sep 13 09:53:24 BST 2005

Whoah, I saiid Whoah now,
No offence intended about spelling, I was merely using an opportunity to make a cheap pun, ( Capitalists Li.... Lie, geddit....no it's not that funny really, oh well.)
As they say "a man who can't make a mistake, cant make anything" ( Matchbox philosophy).
As I was saying, And especially now that the soviet block has collapsed,ALL countries embrace the idea of a free market, at least the heads of states do, they're just not very good at it. 
The main reason is that capitalism itself is not about free market economics, but the accumulation of wealth and concern about market share.  most big international companies are not concerned with how much work went into the making of anything, just how cheaply they can buy it for.  Very often food aid schemes to poorer countries help to destroy local markets. It's not a level playing field.
that old chestnut about Show me a country where "another" system works, doesn't hold up, because until you try something properly how do you know.  
As a Socialist ( Oh how I used to hate people who stood up in meetings and started a long speech with that phrase), I would have to say many countries who claimed to be as such, never practised it, russia, china..... especially china.  
It's like saying " If man was meant to fly He'd have been born with wings"  ( Although I do believe that if man had been meant to smoke he'd have been born with a chimney in his head)  
Them feudal lords, in days of old didn't sit round log fires in their castles saying "capitalism's crap you show me a country where it works".
And since Russia went capitalist What Have they produced apart from, Football club owning gangsters and pornography.
 Distro's... Well, I,ve been using Blag ( " never Heard of it")which is an anarchists version of fedora 3, but i'm not a long haired.. ( oh, I have got long hair), I'm not a  wierdo.. ( Oh ...), well, i like it because as a Newbie/yearling, It is easy to use and takes care of a lot of basic things that I'm interested in.  My other distro is Ubuntu which is proving to be very good, especially when combined with a decent broadband connection ( Telewest, you capitalist pigdogs, "I love you").  But I'm going to set up smoothwall on a likkle Pc and play with Debian soon to try out Cinelerra and Kino, 
 'cause it's there'.
the above comments are not a flame, 
just a warm glow of love and understanding, ("ged outta here")
Tara a bit
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OK you have read my post note that i don't blindly
beleive in the system.  I beleive gov't should
intervene in capitist counties. OK sorry about the
spellings.  Countries that go from poor to richness
embrace free-markets.  A fully free-market countries
system will benefit poor countries.  As if african
countries could export food products to EU market it
will be better for them.  But some african countries
have loans from world institions in exchange to
privatise there utilities. This has made there prices
unstable and made the poor suffer. 
These words like 'capitism' and 'free markets' are
relative terms.  Like right wing in this country my be
centre in the USA. But hey if you suggest some system
that is good and proven in countries i will accept it.
 Also if i say a lot of incorrect stuff just correct



PS; i wrie this is a minute so spelling mistakes and
grammer mistake are every where.
PPS; To bring balance to the post what is your distro.

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