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Bobby Singh bs_wm at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Sep 13 21:21:24 BST 2005


Ok, again sorry about the spelling.

> As I was saying, And especially now that the soviet
> block has collapsed,ALL countries embrace the idea
> of a free market

I agree these former soviet bloc countries embraced
free-markest has lead to poor people being poorer and
has not been good.  Some areas have been corrupted,
you need gov't interfernce to regulate monoplies and
unstale markets.  Look at the UK stock exchange it is
regulated by gov't.  (yes there are cynaical ceo's who
annonce stuff at certain stock prices and reap the
profits, which is simply bad).

> most big international companies are not concerned 
> with how much work went into the making of anything,
> just how cheaply they can buy it for.  Very often 
> food aid schemes to poorer countries help to destroy
> local markets. 

I agree i said a similar things in a prevoius post. 
Also i am totaly against big bussiness but not big

> that old chestnut about Show me a country where
> "another" system works, doesn't hold up, because
> until you try something properly how do you know.  

NO, it does, socilism has been tried out, the second
point is more philosphical.  There may be a system out
there better than capitiam and socialism lets find it
and bringit on.

> As a Socialist ( Oh how I used to hate people who
> stood up in meetings and started a long speech with
> that phrase), 

Thats ok, because you are a socialist i don't care. 
Just like what religon you beleive.  What ever
Politics and faith someone has as long as he/she is

> I would have to say many countries who
> claimed to be as such, never practised it, russia,
> china..... especially china.  

Thats a complete classic.  It has not been tryed but
it has.  Like comminiust say that a lot even today. 
Socialism has been tried but i would not pick your
examples as they are communism.  Also they are extrem
examples.  Like in Chile with General Pinace was a
dictor in a capitist country.  Yet those countries are
extrems examples, in fact you just need to look at
single countries and look at how its behaved with
different free-market or socilist policys irrespective
of gov't. (read on you will see what i mean).

> Them feudal lords, in days of old didn't sit round
> log fires in their castles saying "capitalism's crap
> you show me a country where it works".

Capitalist priniciples were practiced well before
those feudal lords.  These ares lead to prosperty,
science etc.

> And since Russia went capitalist What Have they
> produced apart from, Football club owning gangsters
> and pornography.

I agree like my point earlier.

NOW here is what i have to say

Look at Mayasia and Singopore.
They had extreme poverty but with capitalist and
free-market ideas lead to no poverty. (poverty i mean
by no access to water, doctors and famine, these
country have poverty but not to that extent.)
Look at Japan.  
Went on to export technolgy and products with none at
all at the start.  But they do work long hours which
is my piont were gov't should intervene, i don't
beleive in complate 'lazie fair'
Look at India.  
The biggest democracy in the world with free press and
indepent courts.  They have always had gov'ts with
socilist poloicys. Until recently they adopted
free-market open policys.  Not quite fully capitist. 
But in that time it has become one of the fastest
economies in the world.  But thats not important it
people that matter.  And poverty is decreaseing, more
money in gov't coffers had lead to infracstructe
development.  Like Motoway roads and world class Dehli
transport metro.

Basically above is either a coincidence or i have got
it all wrong.  If i am wrong i would like to know with
theory and practice backed up and learn.  REMEMBER i
am appling a PRAGMATIC approcah to this.  So i don't
want this to turn into a lowest common demonator. 
Hence i would never call a soclist stupid which is
completey silly and i would expect soclist to call
capitist unjust.  
The way i look at it i take ALL systems do the PROS
and the CONS.  Then look at the scales and thats it. 
If i have missed out too many CONS well i have to
review it all and learn.



PS; To bring balance to the post i first used
mandrake.  Then mepis which was too slow and bloated. 
Now Ubuntu.

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