[Wolves] Networking stuff.

Bobby Singh bs_wm at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Sep 15 15:43:42 BST 2005


> In order to do so I need to get the following
> preferably free.

To be honest not too familar with network stuff as i
had this stuff for an activity with people.  But
cut-a-story short certain parameters have changed.
So some of the stuff has come availble.
> 1)  A base unit that is capable of running
> smoothwall as a firewall/router pentium 1 150mhz or 
> faster

Last time i went to Adams he had plenty of baseunits
so reserve them.

> 2)  A network hub

I think i have one, it has lots of ethernet sockets at
the back.  It has '3com link Builder FMS11' at the
> 3) may need a network card or two.

Have quite a few Ethernet Adapter cards.  Some have to
me what looks like a TV-out Arieal and some not.  I
need to keep some though.

> I can collect at any time and would be very grateful
> to anyone who can help out.  

If you want the stuff then;

- arrange to meet up in w-ton.
- give them to you at a future linux meeting.
- arrange a time to come and collect them .
- come and collect them anytime. If you do this i may
not be in.  Let me know if you do this so i will put
the stuff next to the door for whoever opens it.



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