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David Goodwin dg at clocksoft.com
Fri Sep 16 15:43:51 BST 2005

>>What I'd like to know is
>>>which online or offline shop is good in terms of
>>price and service? I'm

I'd recommend a physical shop, you'll get far better service, and I've 
found the price(s) to be only very marginally different (this excludes 
PCWorld and other high street shops who should be avoided at all cost)

Currently, I recommend http://www.cranemicro.com (local to where I work 
in Minworth/Sutton Coldfield). They don't necessarily have a huge amount 
of kit in stock, but they do provide good service (knowledge of what 
they sell etc) and normally have stuff delivered the next day if they 
don't have it.

They have an online shop if you don't like personal / phone confrontation.

>>If you know what you are after, eBay.  If you can't
>>find what you are after then Ebuyer.co.uk
> Yeah ebuyer are consistently cheaper than anywhere
> else. Their customer service has a bad reputation but
> I've never had any problems.

Avoid ebuyer, I've heard many stories of their service being totally 
crap (e.g. sending the wrong product to you, not refunding you, not 
being easy to reach, poor customer service etc
e.g. http://www.wrigley.me.uk/wp/?p=85 )

eBuyer may offer to save you a few pounds, but I don't think it's worth it.

Don't bother buying the leading edge hardware, wait for it to be 
reasonable in terms of price (E.g. don't buy processors above 50 quid 
etc) there's just no point.


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